Mr. James Kariuki
CEO - International Research & Development Africa Ltd
Mr. James Kariuki

Empowering Homes: Sustainable Clean Cookstoves and Biofuels

About the Project

Research Summary and Technology

Sustainable clean cookstoves and biofuels for low-income households. By developing an end-to-end sugar beet bioethanol value chain, they ensured a vertically integrated fuel supply business model. This approach has reduced household cooking fuel budgets, displaced environmentally unsustainable wood fuels, and mitigated climate change drivers. Additionally, their initiatives have created jobs, generated income, and improved rural livelihoods. James Kariuki's work addresses both affordability and environmental sustainability, making a positive impact on low-income households and promoting a cleaner energy future.

Images Mr. James Kariuki's Innovation

About the Researcher

I am a visionary Founder, Innovator, and Patent Grantee with a strong focus on Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development Goals. With a diverse background, I have extensive experience in the tea sector, as well as working closely with macadamia and avocado farmers, imparting training on strategic value addition.

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