Prof. Paul Kimurto
Lecturer and Researcher - Egerton University
Prof. Paul Kimurto

Groundnuts are an ideal crop for farmers in low potential areas, as they can yield up to 30-40 unshelled bags per acre, providing high-value incomes.

Groundnuts are also a great source of protein and oil, with 45-48% oil content and 12-18% protein. The high yield and quality of groundnuts makes them attractive to processors, who use them in the production of peanut butter and other products. The high protein and oil content of groundnuts makes them an essential part of infant growth and human health, providing essential nutrients for a healthy lifestyle.

About the Project

Research Summary and Technology

The innovation concerns groundnut varieties (Mwangaza and Ndovu) that are high yielding, with high oil and protein content and good market preferences. Mwangaza is medium red and suitable for roasting, while Ndovu is large brownish with high oil and is ideal for oil and butternut production. Both have low aflatoxin levels < 10bbp needed in national and European markets. The varieties were developed in collaboration with ICRISAT through breeding, evaluation, screening and farmer evaluation.

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Images Prof. Paul Kimurto's Innovation
Prof. Paul Kimurto's Innovation

About the Researcher

Paul Kimurto is a lecturer and researcher at Egerton University, Faculty of Agriculture with over 20yrs experience in academia and international Research and development. His focus professionally is Dryland research and drought stress physiology/Breeding specialist with enormous experiences in Agricultural development with special interest in dryland ecosystem, crop-livestock integration, validation of breeding and variety development techniques, and seed systems in ASALs, Training and curricula development, scientific writing and reporting. Prof. Paul has been engaged in research collaborations with International Donors like Gates Foundation, AGRA, CIAT, CIMMY, ICRISAT, World Bank/IFC, FAO etc. on development of resilient high yielding crop varieties of Beans, Chickpea, Finger millet, and groundnuts. He pursued his BSc Agriculture at Egerton University and later on pursued his master in Master of Science in Crop Science & a BSc in Agriculture. He holds a PhD in Crop Science (Crop Physiology/Breeding).

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