Prof. Duncan Onyango Mbuge
Associate Professor of Environmental & Bio-systems Engineering - University of Nairobi
Prof. Duncan Onyango Mbuge

The technology uses one drier head for multiple containers, while the same container is used to hold grain for drying and storage, which makes it affordable.

It reduces drudgery because there is no movement of grain for drying and storage and there is a possibility for periodic air circulation during storage for pest control. The capacity tested ranges between 1 and 30 bags but there is a possibility to have bigger sizes.

About the Project

Research Summary and Technology

The hybrid solar desiccant drier combines solar and desiccant drying to achieve rapid drying, even on cloudy days and at night. It is designed to be airtight, making it hermetic and preventing aflatoxin contamination, as well as preventing pest and rodent infestation.

Images Prof. Duncan Onyango Mbuge's Innovation
Prof. Duncan Onyango Mbuge's Innovation

About the Researcher

Prof. (Eng) Duncan Onyango Mbuge has a diverse academic background from Egerton University and the University of Nairobi, where he studied his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Environmental and Biosystems Engineering. He is currently the Chair and Associate Professor of the Department of Environmental and Bio-systems Engineering at the University of Nairobi. He is a registered professional engineer with the Kenya Engineers Registration Board. As well as being a corporate member of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya, he is also an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Lead Expert. Prof. (Eng) Duncan Onyango Mbuge is currently engaged in research that focuses on the use of organic waste for biogas, the development and promotion of solar cookers, the optimization of evaporative cooling systems for fruit and vegetable preservation, the development of hybrid solar/desiccant driers, the fabrication of potato harvesting machinery for small scale farmers, and the processing and packaging of African leafy vegetables.

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