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Viktoria Solutions in partnership with Kenya National Innovation Agency (KeNIA) is implementing this Research to Commercialization (R2C) project which will strengthen 20 research innovator's ability to raise funding for or commercialize their innovations. The R2C project has two cycles; cohort 1 (January – June) and Cohort 2 (July – December 2023). The program will involve experiential training, mentorship and coaching towards pitching their ideas to potential investors and or commercializing their ideas.

What We Do

R2C Accelerator Programme Elements

The researchers will have 3 weeks of training on different aspects of R2C – business model, pitching, investor readiness, IP etc.
Linkages and Support
The programme will include networking sessions to identify and reach out to potential commercialization and funding partners.
Coaching Sessions
The researchers will have 10 hours of coaching and mentorship from a business perspective – legal, sales, finance, product etc.

ToT training on R2C curriculum

Viktoria Ventures will also undertake a 2-cohort training of trainers (ToT) comprising innovation champions from Tier 1 and 2 universities and research institutions. The ToTs and researchers will be trained, mentored and coached using R2C modules co-created by KeNIA and Viktoria Solutions.
The ToTs trained in person and virtually should ultimately establish, run and train in their institution’s R2C programmes.
Dates for the ToT training:

Cohort 1 Feb 23, 2023
Cohort 2 Aug 23, 2023

Program elements for the ToT training

We will have a week of training on different aspects of R2C – business model, pitching, investor readiness, IP etc.
Coaching support when looking to set up R2C training and programs
We will share a toolkit containing all the training content and learnings from running the R2C program

Partnership with
Mawazo Institute.

The programme plans to partner with Mawazo Institute to virtually train 20 female researchers on R2C. The first cohort is scheduled for April 23, 2023