Absence of adequate sewerage and waste management systems is a major challenge in Kenya and many developing countries.

High costs for hiring exhauster services to empty septic tanks and pit latrines compels many waste handlers to drain sewage into rivers and streams causing water pollution thus causing waterborne illnesses and water scarcity.

Huge amounts of waste is generated in open air markets arising from damaged fruits and vegetables and other fresh produce including those generated in households and farms. There is need to rapidly convert organic waste into biofuels and bio fertilizers to curb the rising energy and fertilizer crises in Kenya and other countries.

We have developed affordable, fast acting, readily available and eco-friendly solutions to these issues by inventing organic bio digesters and biocatalysts.

The bio digesters act by rapidly shrinking waste in septic tanks and pit latrines eliminating the need for hiring expensive exhauster tankers or draining the waste into rivers.

The biocatalysts rapidly breakdown solid waste into biofuels and bio fertilizers allowing for the use of clean energy and organic farming. The biocatalysts have ability to act on materials that resist natural degradation including disposable diapers and biodegradable plastics.

Our products thus have a wide range of applications in Circular economy, Agriculture and Bioenergy sectors.