The new drier replaces drying and storage techniques that cause aflatoxin contamination and losses from pests

  1. Between 30 – 40% of produce lost after harvest
  2. Frequent death and illness from aflatoxin contamination
  3. Drudgery of carrying maize in and out to dry in the sun
  4. Poor drying and storage techniques


  1. Fast drying due to high temperatures
  2. solar and desiccant drying
  3. Drying at night and on cloudy days
  4. Prevents aflatoxin contamination, Pest and rodent proof
  5. One drier head for multiple containers hence affordable
  6. Same container for drying and storage
  7. No movement of grain for drying and storage
  8. Capacity between 1 and 30 bags
  9. Possibility for periodic air circulation during storage