Approximately 37,500 including 27,400 children aged five years and below die each year from water related diseases due to lack of clean drinking water especially in slums and remote areas. This is because they drink both surface and ground water sources which are often contaminated with bacteria, toxic heavy metals, fluorides and other pollutants from mining, industrial effluent and poor sewage. Thus, there is an urgent need to develop cheaper treatment strategy in such regions and beyond.

Water filters have been used in water purification for over a hundred years. However, they are not effective in removing toxic heavy metals, fluoride and microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses in unsafe drinking water. Our fabricated container is made from plastic wastes obtained from municipal solid wastes to eliminate toxic heavy metals, bacteria and fluoride. The contaminated water is stored in the container and pollutants are monitored for a period of time. The plastic containers on the market today offer only storage solution whereas, the fabricated container can be improved to target and eliminate all water contaminants and be made specific to a particular geographic region.