Providing affordable, environment-friendly and non-synthetic bio-preservatives.

Low profit margin from farmers due to post-harvest losses estimated at 40%–50% in fruit and vegetables. e.g the farmers are making losses ranging from 120,000 MT-150,000MT in Elgeyo/Marakwet County. Continued use of chemical preservatives for regulation of postharvest deterioration and prolonged shelf-life has led to harmful effects on human health, the environment and serious financial losses to farmers and businessmen.

The rationale of this research is to enhance the scientific knowledge on food preservation measures by use of readily available materials to improve the sensorial attributes of fresh produce, storability and prolong their shelf-life which will enhance the quality delivery of quality product to meet the market demand and customer satisfaction. The edible- bio preservation product is offering solutions to customers by providing a modest, environmentally friendly product than synthetic preservatives. It will also enhance novel strategies in food market and food security as well as improve the life style of consumers. In addition, bio-preservatives product will promote profitability to the farmers and businessmen since the products will be less susceptible to rotting. It is simple to use and cost effective since the materials for production are locally available, does not require cooling which is a challenge in areas with no electricity.