Dr. Phanice Wangila Fedha
Director of Gender and Development and Senior lecturer (Chemistry) - University of Kabianga
Dr. Phanice Wangila Fedha

Bio-Infused Fermented Milk - Powered by Plants!

About the Project

Research Summary and Technology

A bio-infused fermented milk with plant additives. This product targets both men and women, including children aged 5 years and above, who traditionally consume mursik.. By enhancing the product's quality and processing hygiene, this innovation aims to increase consumption, improve shelf life, and economically empower women involved in mursik processing. Through skill development, women can enhance their product, leading to economic empowerment and market demand for the improved mursik.

Images Dr. Phanice Wangila Fedha's Innovation

About the Researcher

Dr. Phanice Wangila is the Director of Gender and Development and a Senior Lecturer of Chemistry at the University of Kabianga. With a PhD in chemistry from Egerton University, a master's degree from the same institution, and a Bachelor's in education (Chemistry/Mathematics) from Kenyatta University, she brings a strong educational background to her role. Additionally, she holds certificates in Strategic Management and leadership, gender studies, and is an ISO auditor and certified mediator. In her management position, she actively engages staff, students, and the community to address environmental impact and promote gender equality.

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