Dr. Margaret Muturi
Lecturer - Kenyatta University
Dr. Margaret Muturi

Revolutionary Biosensor Technology - Detect Cholera in Water

About the Project

Research Summary and Technology

A biosensor technology to revolutionize cholera detection in water. By querying large, curated databases and constructing a working database, she identified the signature barcode for the cholera-causing microorganism. Through aptamer synthesis and experimentation, she aims to create a portable and user-friendly biosensor for early cholera detection. The intended customers are government agencies, public health organizations, non-profits, and academic institutions involved in waterborne disease prevention. The end users are individuals and communities in cholera-prone regions, including those with limited access to clean water. The biosensor's expected outcome is to enable early detection, prompt preventive measures, and the provision of safe drinking water, reducing the impact of cholera outbreaks.

Images Dr. Margaret Muturi's Innovation

About the Researcher

Dr Margaret Muturi is a lecturer of Immunology and researcher in infectious diseases at Kenyatta University. She has a strong track record of publishing several peer-reviewed papers, demonstrating her commitment to advancing scientific knowledge and sharing her findings with the broader research community. She has been successful in securing research grants that have had a positive impact on many students through collaborative projects and partnerships thus fostering a multidisciplinary approach to tackling complex challenges.

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