Ms. Wafula Juliet Nelima
Trainer - Rift Valley Technical Training Institute
Ms. Wafula Juliet Nelima

Empowering Nutrition - Lentiish Bread

About the Project

Research Summary and Technology

Lentiish Bread, which addresses iron and zinc malnutrition. The bread is made from a combination of wheat flour, preboiled biofortified beans flour, lentils flour, and mashed sweet potatoes. The target customers are children who need additional iron, zinc, and vitamin A, as well as adolescent girls, women of childbearing age, and diabetic patients. The product's nutritional composition has the potential to improve the health and immunity of consumers, leading to enhanced learning capabilities and reduced workforce absenteeism.

Images Ms. Wafula Juliet Nelima's Innovation
Ms. Wafula Juliet Nelima's Innovation

About the Researcher

Miss Juliet Wafula holds bachelor education degree B. Ed (Home science and Technology) and master of public Health Nutrition option. She holds the principal vocational trainer position at Rift Valley Technical Training Institute . She has 10 years working experience in the academia and research organizations.

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