Ms. Florence Atieno Opondo
Analytical Chemist - Moi University
Ms. Florence Atieno Opondo

Preserving Tomato Harvests: Defeat Phytopathogenic Bacteria

About the Project

Research Summary and Technology

Controlling phytopathogenic bacteria in tomatoes. Her research focuses on the controlled release of nano biopesticides using nanoencapsulation with chitosan and sodium tripolyphosphate. This method improves the stability of bioactive compounds in essential oils, making it a viable option for managing R. solanacearum in tomatoes. Her innovation supports Sustainable Development Goal 9 on industry innovation and infrastructure. It contributes to the development of an innovative, safe, effective, and stable nanobiopesticide, ultimately working towards Sustainable Development Goals of achieving zero hunger through food security, improved nutrition, and sustainable agriculture and promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns through eco-friendly production methods.

Images Ms. Florence Atieno Opondo's Innovation

About the Researcher

Ms. Florence Atieno Opondo is an Analytical Chemist working in Moi University in the Chemistry Laboratory. I am currently pursuing Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Analytical Chemistry in Moi University with research interest in Phytochemical from plants which can be upscaled from lab scale to large -scale industrial products.

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