Dr. Wycliffe Chisutia Wanyonyi
Senior Lecturer - University of Kabianga
Dr. Wycliffe Chisutia Wanyonyi

Green Leather Revolution: Pioneering Sustainable Tanneries for a Cleaner Tomorrow

About the Project

Research Summary and Technology

A green leather processing technology and keratin biomass recycling system to address the challenges faced by tanneries in Kenya. The traditional use of toxic chemicals in leather processing is no longer sustainable due to pollution concerns and strict government regulations. Dr. Wanyonyi's innovative biotechnology process ensures environmental protection and zero waste discharge, providing high-quality leather production without health risks. By introducing eco-friendly chemicals and biotechnology, this technology benefits both tanneries and end users by eliminating pollution, reducing waste management costs, and producing high-quality leather products. The bio-valorization of tannery waste streams enhances resource recovery and contributes to employment creation, wealth generation, and a cleaner environment.

Images Dr. Wycliffe Chisutia Wanyonyi's Innovation

About the Researcher

Dr Wycliffe holds a Doctor of Philosophy in Chemistry from University of Nairobi. He is currently a Senior Lecturer at University of Kabianga (UoK), School of Science & Technology and the director of quality assurance, University of Kabianga. He has over 10 years’ experience of research and teaching in both undergraduate and postgraduate levels. He has published two patent at Kenya Industrial Property Institute (KIPI), a Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)/World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and over 20 articles in peer-reviewed journals.

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